We bought a building!

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We bought a building! Oh my! I feel like we are living in the movie, “We bought a Zoo” starring Matt Damon. Except I won’t be taking care of any wild animals, at least that I know of? Old buildings tend to hide secrets, I hope we aren’t harboring a family of critters!

If you had asked me 1 year ago that I would be the owner of a 116 year old building and that my business would be expanding and I would be opening a retail location. I would say you’re absolutely nuts!

Have I had dreams about owning a store? YES! Have I had dreams about being CEO of a company? YES! “Would I ever have thought that these dreams would start coming true? NEVER!!!

Now I want to say that I do have tremendous faith in God and that all things are possible, however sometimes I think this applies more to others and not just for myself. We’ve all heard those crazy wild stories of success and leadership happening to other people. Never thought it would be me and I am very grateful.

I am reminded of the bible verse “All things are possible through Christ Jesus who strengthens me. According to his will”. God if it’s your will that we own an old building, if it’s your will that we operate a company, employ people in this community, and have a retail store. If it is your will that all these things happen?


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